At the Festival

At the Festival

Sports Activities

Discover the magic underworld of the National Marine Park of Alonissos through an unforgettable diving experience.
During the Thalassa Festival, the three diving centers of the island reduce their prices up to 20% and offer a 15% discount to all the festival participants and 5%  to the Management Body for the Protection of the Marine Park. Our way of giving back to the sea!

On Saturday June 6, a coastal swimming event will take place.

8.30a.m. - Adults

from Kalamakia bay to the Harbor of Steni Vala

(approx. 1850m)

12p.m. - Children (up to 12yrs old)

in the safety of the small gulf in the Steni Vala harbor

(approx. 350m).

Rescuers, lifeguards and medical staff will be present to ensure the security of both events.

Children's participation is free of charge, while the cost for adults is 5 Euros, all in support of the Management Body of the Marine Park.

This is an adventure at sea, combining swimming and hiking along the coast, especially in areas inaccessible on foot. Participants are using fins, masks with snorkels and wear a sun/thermal protection suit. If needed, they are towing food and water provisions in a dry bag. During the festival the opportunity to be introduced to this kind of touring will be given to a limited number of visitors, through a short trip offering breaks at remote beaches, observation of coastal life and reporting of marine litter.

To be confirmed

Alonissos Challenge is a trail race that has been taking place in Alonissos for the last 15 years and includes races of 2, 10 and 30 km. This year’s “appointment” is on Sunday June 7, at the port of Patitiri.

Route: Patitiri - Mega Nero - Agii Anargiri - Tourkoneri - Patitiri
Duration: 4 hours
Enjoy a tour through some of the most splendid scenery in Alonissos. The small churches of Agii Anargiri have an impressive position at the edge of a cliff towards the sea and are surrounded by magnificent pine woods. The beach of Tourkoneri is very small, located in a beautiful bay with a few other small picturesque beaches. The tour follows wide paths, earth roads and small forest paths, with no really steep passages. A trip for nature lovers.


Participation cost: 10€

Register by e-mail to Bente Keller


Cultural Activities

The four members of the AloniBeat band are all from the UK and now enjoy their retirement years living on the beautiful island of Alonissos. None of them were professional musicians but when they met here in Alonissos, they found they shared the same enthusiasm for music, so they practiced together and formed a band. They now play regularly through the summer tourist season with a mix of popular Country, Blues and Rock n' Roll from the 60s & 70s period. The band members are Guy Routh (Bass Guitar), Nigel Smith (Keyboards) Debbie Lightfoot (Vocals), Chester Smith (Guitar / Vocals). The concert will take place in the old village, at Panselinos square

Documentaries and short films on marine life.

Tongue cutters (Documentary Film)

Solveig Melkeraaen

Norway, 2017.

In Norway, cod tongues are considered a delicacy and cutting it off from the fish heads is usually a job reserved for young children who wish to earn some pocket money. In this imaginative and charming tale of transition to adulthood, 9-yr-old Ylva follows the family tradition and spends her winter vacation in the fish auction of N. Norway. There, she will meet a boy who will become her teacher and best friend...

Duration 85’

More info

The Cultural Association of Alonissos was founded in 2006 by a group of people who love and support the Greek traditions and culture.
It is involved in a range of cultural activities with its main focus being on the promotion and teaching of traditional Greek dancing. There are dance classes for both children and adults.
The first class consists of 20 members which will present traditional dances from several islands of the Aegean.

MEDITERRANEAN SOS Network, as part of environmental education activities, co-ordinates an artistic competition under the title "The marine park through the eyes of the students". The process begins with an educational discussion on the threats that marine ecosystems face, which inspires children to express their views and concerns about the Alonissos Marine Park through artwork and handicrafts. The children's work will be exhibited during the Festival in different spots of the island.

Eco Activities

HELMEPA, known for its long term commitment to the protection of marine and coastal ecosystems will coordinate both the coastal and underwater cleanups.

HELMEPA, known for its long term commitment to the protection of marine and coastal ecosystems will coordinate both the coastal and underwater cleanups.

The workshop, organized by Lesvos Solidarity,  will take place in the context of creative recycling practices and reuse of “scrap” materials in Alonissos. Its goal is to teach pioneering, innovative, creative and educational practices that will highlight the value of recycling for the environment, education and the economy. The workshop will be open to adults and children in two cycles within the same day. Throughout the activity, musical instruments, wallets and gift packages will be created, as well as group sculptures and mosaics, with materials that were retrieved during beach cleaning actions.

Combined with Tassia’s cooking class, a famous chef will teach us how to choose, consume and cook fish in a sustainable way. Moving from theory to practice, we are going to conclude the action with a delicious - yet fully sustainable - lunch.

MOm is the most specialized and dedicated environmental organization in the protection of the Mediterranean Monk Seal. Once visiting its Information Center, the visitor will have the opportunity to learn more about its long experience, as well as discover amazing facts about the famous Mediterranean Monk Seal Monachus monachus, the rarest seal in the world and the "trademark" of the NMPANS, which hosts the species' largest population.

Discover Alonissos​

The Women's Agrotourism Cooperative of Alonissosand - IKOS, the Alonissiotissa and Alelma tuna-processing enterprises welcome the participants of the Festival by offering them traditional island delicacies and recipes based on the famous Alonissos tuna.

Enjoy the magnificent nature of Alonissos N. Sporades National Marine Park through a mini daily cruise with one of the boats departing from the port of Patitiri. This unique experience offers exploration of caves and islands of the marine park, swimming in remote beaches, a traditional lunch, while the lucky visitor is not unlikely to see dolphins or Mediterranean monk seals.


Alonissos Travel (boat Planitis)

Operator Panagiotis Tzanis (boat Stella)

Operator Pakis Athanassiou (boat Gorgona)

On the beautiful beach of Votsi, we set up a peculiar ... tutorial, during which the fishers of Alonissos will present the rules of sustainable fishing, will introduce us to the secrets of their fascinating profession and their fishing equipment and share with us the fishing history of Alonissos.

The Museum of Alonissos was established in 2000 on the initiative of Konstantinos and Angela Mavrikis. It is a four-stories building that houses various exhibits of enormous historical and cultural value. The basement of the museum is specially designed as a replication of an old Alonissos village, presenting traditional objects and equipment that are no longer used. On the ground floor, there is a wide collection of costumes of the 17th & 18th centuries and other exhibits related to marine life. The first floor is the so-called “Pirates Department”, showcasing weapons and spoils from a long period of nearly 4 centuries when Alonissos was a pirates hide-out.

All the restaurants at Panselinos square, up at the old village, join forces… tables and dishes for a big, open-air dinner, on Sunday June 7. The English rock band “The Aloni Beat” will accompany the dinner with nostalgic music from the ‘60s.

The famous local cook Tassia, will host guests at her traditional taverna in Steni Vala to show them how to make the famous yummy cheese pie of Alonissos. The cooking lesson will be combined with Sustainable Fisheries Educational Tutorial and a follow-up lunch.




Management Body of the NMPANS



Aenaos Thalassa (Perpetual Sea in Greek) in a non-profit company established in Greece to promote the safeguarding and the preservation of marine life of the Mediterranean. Among others, it is being supported by the Swiss based Thalassa Foundation founded in 2013 more..


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