Aenaos Thalassa

AENAOS THALASSA is a  non-profit organization established in late 2019 with the aims of protecting the environment, especially but not exclusively the marine one, and supporting any project, initiative and activity which promotes the above, as well as the sustainable development and management of global marine and coastal ecosystems, with a priority set on the Mediterranean Sea and especially its part in Greece.

Thalassa Foundation

Thalassa (meaning “sea” in Greek) Foundation is a non-profit environmental organisation, founded in 2013, that promotes the safeguarding and the preservation of marine life of the Mediterranean. Marine protected areas, rare species, sensitive ecosystems, they are all in the centre of its initiatives. Through participation, environmental engagement and synergies it aims at sustainability, where communities are able to attain economic development without draining their marine natural reserves. Its ultimate goal is to set a replicable example of sustainable development and create a group of Blue Islands that will links environmental protection and preservation to their future economic development and viability. Driven by this vision and by choosing the National Marine Park of Alonissos Northern Sporades as the pilot area of its action, Thalassa Foundation supported and implemented a series of activities that lead to restoration, preservation, sustainability, education and environmental awareness. Furthermore, it encourages research and works closely with the scientific society on numerous environmental issues and at the same time it enhances the development of local community entrepreneurship in a way that is fully harmonised with nature.

“Within less than 5 years Thalassa Foundation has implemented a numerous of significant activities that may constitute a useful Roadmap for the effective management of other islands or marine protected areas.”


MOm / The Hellenic Society for the Study and Protection of the Monk Seal is a Greek non-governmental environmental organization with the legal status of a Non-profit association. MOm is active in protecting and promoting Greece’s coastal and marine environment through the protection of the Mediterranean monk seal, which is the only seal species in the Mediterranean Sea and the most endangered seal on earth. MOm’s scientific research, conservation and education activities are conducted by a dedicated and highly specialized team of professionals (ie biologists, field technicians, media officers) with the help of numerous volunteers. MOm’s activities include:

• Scientific Research • Rescue and Rehabilitation • Protection and Management • Public Awareness and Sensitization • Environmental Education

According to the International Convention on the Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) MOm is an accredited research institute (Prot. No .: 89670/1427 / 12‐3‐2007 / Code No .: GR 003). All research and rehabilitation and reintroduction efforts of the Organization are carried out with the necessary authorization from the competent national and international authorities. Since 1996, MOm has been a member of IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature), the largest organization in the world for the protection of the natural environment.




Management Body of the NMPANS



Aenaos Thalassa (Perpetual Sea in Greek) in a non-profit company established in Greece to promote the safeguarding and the preservation of marine life of the Mediterranean. Among others, it is being supported by the Swiss based Thalassa Foundation founded in 2013 more..


  • +30 210 4121980
  • grants@thalassafoundation.com
  • Mavromichali Street, 3, 18545 Piraeus, Greece
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